"Much of the world community today is in thrall to scientific

advances and economy that violate the laws of nature, spirit.

Techniques for genetically modifying plants and the deciphering of

the human genome have been heralded as important milestones in

man's quest to master nature. But in this enthusiasm to embrace

mew economy, man is often blind to the moral and ethical questions

that inevitably ensue. Mankind is so obsessed rich his conquest of

nature that it ignores spiritual concerns and destroys his relations with nature.

The society. in which we will also find a very different way of thinking.

human didn't know how to live with their mind in a sustaining human life.

It's love of human and natural shapes such as the products of natural

evolution that have enriched human life, and because  of the bond that

joins them to the human. In the cosmos a world is small.

"The human should learn to live together in a society of love."



 UNARAK Manat  (Thai Artist)

Studio 60 Résidence Sextius

7 Rue Des Allumettes

13090 Aix-en-Provence

Tel :   : 04 42 27 28 35

Courriel : http://artsstudio.online.fr  mail: artsstudio@hotmail.fr

 Vital statistice:

Born: June 10, 1974

Nongkhai, Thailand


Art education ( B.E.)

Present Occupation:


Previous work Experience:

2001-2004: Owner,Maekhong art Studio,188/1 Kaeworawut Road,Nongkhai,43000 Thailand

Teacher, Curses in jewelry making sculpture,stone cutting and painting at maekhong Art studio

1999-2001:Arts teacher,Achiva vocational college, Nongkhai,Thailand

1994-1999:Owner.Venus jewelry Manufacturing Company


Exposition permanente a la galerie " maekhong Art" de Nong khai( Thailand)

2004: "my birth day" Amsterdam,Netheland

2004: materee, swizerland

2004:    "love" paris France

2002: Bongkok, Udon thani, 

2001: Rencontre des arts de la Ferte- Alais  (France)

2001: Bangkok, chaing Mai (Thailand)